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Conversations with....TriBeCa Part II

Krista GanoComment

Well....things don't always work out as planned.  After coming back from the hustle and bustle of NYC, I took my oldest son on a week-long field trip to Crow Canyon Archaeological Center outside of Cortez, NM.  In my head, I thought I would have a ton of time catching up on work and getting the next blog posts ready for you guys.  But, honestly after tromping around Mesa Verde and helping to manage about 90 4th & 5th graders....I was just tanked. is FINALLY....Part 2 of my conversation with Jessica Anguiano as we processed what we experienced at TriBeCa Film Festival.  The 3rd and final installment will come out on Thursday.

KRISTA:  We have several different projects in the works right now….a couple of series and a feature.  But this was the first trip that I really heard YOU say that you were more passionate about the series work.  Tell me more about that.

JESSICA:  You know, we heard these big name directors and actors talk about why they work on the projects they do. Basically, they all said they just follow their own process and make things that they are inspired by, and they don’t worry too much about money, awards, or what audiences will like. I think that really solidified my own thoughts when it comes to the kind of content I’m drawn to - episodic. I think I just love developing a character’s story beyond 120 pages. I can’t help but think about all the possibilities for each of my characters’ journeys, so I want to let their story come out fully, like a real person’s life. I also love television and web series in general. I prefer to watch an entire series than one movie any day! There’s so much more time to get really connected and invested in the character’s lives. I get attached. I genuinely start to feel like I know them and they are my friends. I mean, have real friends...I swear! Television just gives me a chance to have even more… Speaking of friends, we had the coolest group of gals to explore TriBeCa with. I am so inspired by them and spending this time with such strong, talented, and motivated women makes me want to create more work! When we attended the Paul Fieg/Michael Che conversation, Paul mentioned his love of working with funny women. I realized you are quite similar, as a director you also seem drawn to female driven comedic scripts. After the inspiration of TriBeCa, do you have an idea of what kind of process and what kind of projects you want to build on?

KRISTA:  I’m mot sure about “the kinds of projects” piece……I honestly just let my heart answer that.  I look for projects that I get connected to right off…and that I can see in my head as I read.  Right now, I’m working on a feature, Comfort Food, about a family coming together one hear after the father dies by suicide and it has tones of absurdity and humor….AND…heartwrenching discovery.  Then we have The Family Hood, written by you and Heath Arthur…which is a super fun exploration of an American family in the throws of life, trying to find happiness and passion in this new digital world while being knee-deep in raising a family.  And, we have The Cleaning Lady (also written by you).  I don’t want to go into that here, but the core is really about a father/daughter relationship.  So, the thread going through all of those projects is relationship.  I like exploring the joy, messiness and connection of relationships.  As for process, I think that Paul Feig gave me great insight into how I’d like to move my directing process into the next level.  I value creating connection and collaboration on set.  I love actors and think that they have a unique insight that only comes from slipping into a character's skin.  So, I want to find a way to nurture the atmosphere on set, while also honoring the break-neck speed in which we have to work when budget is a huge consideration.  When I asked Paul about that, he gave me some great ideas of how to honor both agendas.  The greatest thing I took from him was really honoring the spirit of PLAY.  I can’t wait to try it out.