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Conversation with....TriBeCa Tales

Krista GanoComment

I'm writing this on the plane heading back home from NYC.  A few weeks ago, I wrote about making the decision to go to the TriBeCa Film Festival.  After Jessica Anguiano said, “let’s go”…..WAG Artists and fellow collaborators, Raleigh Cain, Dani Payne and Sarah Sansoni decided to join us.  Soon after, we found out that we would be joined by Producer and Actress Mandy June Turpin and IT WAS ON!  

So, back to the plane.  As we begin to process our week…..we thought it would be great to start a conversation about our experiences.  Because I know that we only have time to read so many words in one sitting, I’m going to break this into a series of 3 blog entries.  So, here we go.

KRISTA:  What were you most hoping to get or learn from this trip?

JESSICA:  I was hoping to just really get a feel for the lay of the land at a big name festival. And we did! We were so lucky to start with TriBeCa, because this particular film festival is spread out all over lower Manhatten. Not only did we get to see some great programs, but we kind of got to do a lot of sight seeing too. I wanted to find out, really, what it would take to get into TriBeCa and I think I learned much more! Krista, did you feel like you came away with more than you expected?

KRISTA:  In some ways….I kind of feel like it’s a defining moment, like we’ll look back on it and realize how much things changed from here.  So, though we didn’t come away with a some big GET from the experience, it feels as if we came away with a better understanding of what we don’t know….and how to begin to learn it.  One of the biggest lessons was how everyone’s process is different.  Part of our experience was attending the Director's series.  It was great to hear how differently people work.  Noah Bachman is a really structured writer/director, while Paul Feig likes to create with a greater sense of play…..and then there is everything in between.  It gave me permission to settle into the process and path that works for me and us…permission to worry less about what we’re “supposed” to do and freedom to follow the path that rises up for us.  

I want to give a special shout out to friend, Brian K. Devine of Gigantic Pictures, who was super generous and gave us passes to see his feature documentary, Frank Serpico.  It was pretty darn inspirational to see a friend with a film at the festival.  See it if you get the chance.

Next up?  Where passions lie and what's next.  Also, watch the Greenroom for notes and learnings from TriBeCa.