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What to do when there's nothing left to give....

Krista GanoComment

As artists, we are often juggling multiple projects, families, several income streams, etc.  There are times when everything converges and you just don’t feel you have anything else to give.  And yet…..and yet….the world moves on….deadlines don’t budge and the dream still perches firmly within your scope.  When you’re not sure what you have left to give, where do you go to find the energy to take one more….two more….ten more steps?

I’m not sure I have the answer.  I think some of it comes from simple resilience and grit.  Things, artists have in spades.  

In full transparency, I’m in that place right now.  I’m in the heat of projects, clients, work and end of school year family needs.  I don’t know where my next round of energy will come from, or if it will be good enough.  I guess my biggest touch-point is gratitude.  I’m in the thick of it due to one thing and one thing only.  Incredible Blessing.  I am blessed to be able to create.  I am blessed to be able to leverage my gifts and skills in various ways and I’m blessed to tap into my areas of passion on a daily basis.

Thinking you have nothing left comes from a scarcity mind-set.  And, it’s really tough to linger in scarcity when you look through the lens of gratitude.  So….and I’m thinking this through as I write this….maybe the thing that takes me out of feeling like I have nothing left to give, is the gratitude for the blessings that ask me to dig a little deeper to find more.

My wish is that you find those blessings in your life that call you to dig forge a path when at first you see none.  I've got to get back at it!  Thanks for helping me to find my next push of energy!

 The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts.
— Marianne Williamson