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What I Wish Actors Knew....

Krista GanoComment
If I could wave a magic wand and suddenly make every working actor understand one thing it would be that because the word acting is used to describe both an art and a business, it’s very important to be clear about the distinction between these two things, and to pay careful attention to both. Putting all of one’s energy into the development of one of these areas without paying as much attention to the other is a quick path to disappointment. Too many brilliant actors are not yet making their livings acting because they are timid or ignorant in the business arena, while at the same time another group of actors who have become great at marketing themselves end up working very briefly, but aren’t sustaining careers because they didn’t develop the kind of acting technique that is necessary to compete long-term in the industry. For every actor, I say: Take a good look at the state of your craft and your business. They go hand in hand.
— Pamela Vanderway, Founder of

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