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Tribeca Adventures Await!

Krista Gano1 Comment

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Yesterday, I called Jessica (one of my producing partners) and said, “I’m thinking about going to TriBeca for a couple of days.  There seems to be a small window of time that works in my schedule….I don’t know”.  And there it was… awesome plan with an undeniably gaping escape hatch framed in the words, “I think”….and ”I…don’t….know”. 

And this is the thing…..Jessica not only said, “LET’S go”, but she immediately stopped what she was doing and found us a screaming good deal on flights and had us booked before I even knew it (with a proposed event itinerary to boot).  It is SO important to find like-minded individuals who also fill your gaps and strengthen your weak spots.  While I’m not risk adverse overall (I mean, if I was I wouldn't have chosen the arts)...I do tend to talk myself out of my more impulsive ideas or delay things that might seem difficult. 

I know making plans for a trip 3 weeks in advance, may not sound impulsive to some.  But when you are juggling a consulting business, a family and producing, it feels downright adventurous.  The point is that when I hesitated, I had a partner to push me forward.  We need teammates to show us our blindspots, push us beyond comfort, and link arms with us to shimmy-shake forward when the road appears too rough.  Because no matter how difficult, the path is meant to also be joyful.  I happen to be blessed to have a tribe of partners who do this for one another and we are eager to add to add to the gang.  

Hence, we will gather at Tribeca this April.  The ultimate work trip disguised as a girl’s weekend with 4 kickass female filmmakers.  We will hawk our project wares, and share our dreams with like-minded what amounts to the speed dating of production opportunities.  Wish us luck!