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Krista GanoComment

One of the things that I take pride in is the community that has sprouted from Working Artist Group.  The Working Artists have truly become family.  As artists, we tend to do this pretty effortlessly.  We create community and trust in our circles.  And while I’m proud that I have had a small part in building this community, I’m incredibly aware that I have very little to do with it.  Working Artist Group certainly provides a "container" and opportunities for like-minded artists to engage and work together.  But, it is the Artists themselves who find great worth in moving forward as a community.  Coaches will tell you that the real growth happens between sessions.....and the WAG Artists really take that to heart.  They learn together, support one another, seek advice from each other and push each other to be better.  

In addition, they have started to create together, independent of WAG.  I can’t tell you how cool that is!  This weekend alone, our CO group was shooting a short that one of the artists wrote and the NM group was gathering to celebrate one of our founding artist's birthday with dinner and games.  Two complementary ways of hanging out with tremendous love and support. 

Community is essential to our lives as artists.  I hope you have found your tribe….and if you are find a couple of tribes.  If you haven’t, come check us out.