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WAG Challenge!

Krista GanoComment

Here is your next challenge!  Have you ever heard..."do less....just throw it away"?  Well, I would offer that note really doesn't mean do less.  Those are the moments to get even more present and listen more.  Get the scene more "over there".  

We can learn a ton from watching people going through tough conversations.  Notice how much they much lives in the silence.  Amazing work can come from letting emotion leak instead of pushing it to pour.  Below is a video from The Scene.  They have a series of videos where people are just being open and raw with one another.  There is a great one below, and you'll find more on the site.   Watch....then transcribe one and try it in class.  Try the "leak" and work the silences.  See what discoveries you can make in what is NOT said.  Now, these obviously aren't well written scenes...they are real life....but don't let that stop you from exploring it and making it work as a scene.


Want a transcript of the above so that you can try it?  I've got you covered!  Comment below to let me know you want it and Subscribe to the right and I'll send it to you!  Other interactions, like the one above, can be found at