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Every Single Step

Krista GanoComment

I was in LA this past weekend for a table read of the feature I’m producing, Comfort Food and It seemed silly to not give you an update on how it went.  The reading was so fun.  Our "baby" began to walk.  It was great to gather with old friends and new, to see this project come to life, and explore the next “big girl” steps towards fruition.

We had tremendous learning this week.  We re-discovered how much we love our script and characters....and that SO many of our casting instincts are spot on.  We learned that although we need to make a few adjustments (and we may always feel that way).....this script is ready, and so are we.  So, now there’s nothing left to do except STEP powerfully towards shooting within the year.  

Here are few things we've learned, so far. 

#1  We learned not to be afraid to ask.  The truth is that we all want to work.  If it’s been awhile since someone has worked, or if they are looking to do a new character, or step into a new medium or genre…..they might itch to be doing something new.  Years ago at The Groundlings, one of our well known alum was sitting in my office lamenting that as she was going through the breakdowns, she kept seeing the request for her in they were using her name....we need a "so-an-so type".  I can remember her saying something to the effect of, “Why don’t they just ask me?  I might be willing to do it.….I AM that EXACT type...and I'm not doing anything else right now”.  That was a huge lesson for me.  If you have a good project, find a way to legitimately and respectfully ASK the actor, director, producer, etc that you want.  You might be surprised at their answer.

#2  We are learning to be thoughtful with all of the information that is coming our way.  Many people will tell you that you HAVE to do x,y & z.  Or that you will NEVER move forward unless you do "such and such".  Every project seems to have its own journey to being made.  So, take in all the info…..connect as many dots as possible….identify and try to hold your vision as the goal, while remaining flexible on outcome.  I read somewhere that although filmmaking is a business, unless a filmmaker holds the project whole from a creative place, it will get eaten alive.  I have no idea (right this second) HOW Comfort Food will get made or who will be our ultimate partners, but I have no doubt that it WILL get made, the right team will rise, and though things may change a bit, it will remain ultimately whole.  We just need to powerfully walk EVERY SINGLE STEP.  Speaking of steps....

#3  Celebrate EVERY last one of them…..EVERY milestone.  For real.  It's so easy to get caught up in the work and forget to pause to reflect, feel and enjoy.  There was a moment when I looked around the room at the cast that is rising up for this film and became incredibly overwhelmed with gratitude and awe.  It is no small feat to gather a stunning group around a project.  There was so much that was RIGHT in that moment.  Don't forget to stop, breathe and revel in every miraculous win. 

I’m entirely grateful for the ladies I get to share this journey with, Dani Payne and Raleigh Cain.  I’m floored by the talented actors that gave their time to support us (hoping to announce them soon) and the producers who gave their time to listen and consult us regarding next steps.  

I'm also acutely aware of my excitement, in advance, for the team that will make themselves known and my motivation to find them.  Here we go...taking EVERY SINGLE STEP!

SHAMELESS PLUG & PLEA (because it's my, why not?):  
Comfort Food is the story of a family coming together on the year anniversary of their father's suicide. It is an actor's story full of space to breath life into a family that is defining their new normal. It is achingly honest, funny, and ultimately hopeful.   

If you are a magical investor or experienced producer (of features in the 2-6 million range) and you want more information on Comfort Food, we want to know about you!  You can reach Krista through the Contact Page!