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WAG Challenge - Work Abundantly inspired by Ira Glass

Krista GanoComment

One of my favorite quotes about creating is from Ira Glass.  Please watch and then read below., if you read last week's blog, you've made your list and have started to move into action.  What do you think about what Ira Glass just said?  Are you creating enough material to work on matching your skill with your vision?  Is there something stopping you?  What is that obstacle and how can you overcome it? (If you journal, feel free to answer these questions in your actor's journal)

I love the notion of putting yourself on a deadline.  Professional writers and creators consistently manage deadlines and it's a great practice to embrace.  Not everything has to be a masterpiece.  Just the simple and consistent practice of creating makes you better.  Look at the action list that you made last week.  What can you commit to creating?  Put it on there, get into action, and let us know how it goes!