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What am I Doing Here?

Krista Gano2 Comments

As I’ve been prepping content calendars, posts and guests for the past few days, I thought it might be good time to think about my vision for the WAG blog.  Here’s what came up for me….

My vision for this blog is fourfold:

1 - To share my thoughts and insights & to help support artists/actors achieve their goals.

2 - To share tips and ideas and occasional exercises that you can do on your own to help you reach your business goals.

3 - To welcome working artists to share their stories as part of a Guest Artist series.

4 - To provide a place for thoughtful discussion around the challenges and joys of being an artist in our region and beyond.

Finally, in an effort to be more location independent and affordable, I will spending time this year exploring how to offering classes/webinars online.  I’ll be looking at classes in business development as well as writing, taped audition technique, etc.  I’m working with some awesome instructors and am looking forward to stretching WAG further.  I decided to add this to the post because it is a goal that I’ve been resisting out of fear (yes, I have them too).  So, as much as WAG might help to hold you accountable….I hope you’ll hold me accountable.  I know that this work makes a difference and I want to soften the location and money barriers.  I’m working on it, so don’t be afraid to give me a nudge or share some support for these goals. 

AND….I want to hear what YOU want.  I’m always excited to hear from you, agents, casting directors, acting coaches, directors, etc.  What can we offer actors to help you develop your businesses?  As coaches, CDs, agents, directors, what holes in training do you see that we might be able to help to fill from a business stand-point?    Please comment and share.  Let us know your wins and struggles and how me might help!

Thanks for reading and passing along to others!