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Exponentially Better - Part 2

Krista GanoComment

As promised, here are some tips that Marc has for working in the NM market.  I put them in categories to make them a bit easier to grab.  And, when you are done here, click on "The Greenroom" to see a list of the productions that are currently filming or are coming to NM!

SAG-AFTRA really strives to be available and user friendly to their members.  If you are SAG-AFTRA, make sure you have an account and then spend some time really exploring the website.  Know your rights and your responsibilities.  The union works really hard to give you the best possible working environment.  Be a good union member in return.

If you have a complaint about a production or agent, call SAG-AFTRA.  They are there to help and everything you tell them is confidential.

We need to all limit our social media posts and humble brags.  I know what you are thinking, "but Marc, we have to market ourselves" --yes we do, but we must do it more professionally.

At the recent film and media conference, there was an Agent and Casting Director panel.  They ALL mentioned how posting about auditions, callbacks and bookings was making things harder for them.  They don't want to police social media and they don't have the time.

My agent, The O'Agency, had to let three actors go due to constant violation of NDA's (non-disclosure agreements).  Just because you didn't mention the name of the project when posting, "Had a great audition" doesn't mean that you aren't in violation.

If you read the non-disclosure for Better Call Saul, it states, "Additionally, no blogging, tweeting, texting, or posting to message boards or IMDB, fan sites or any form of social networking is permitted unless and until the Confidential Information is disclosed in the Series following seven (7) days after its initial U.S. telecast,"--if you sign the agreement, know what it says.  Think twice about posting.

Don't pester your agent.  When everyone is yelling, "it's so busy" and we don't feel busy, our first instinct is to panic and reach out to our agent.  Trust them.  Your opportunities will come.

Watch everything that shoots here (yes, even the stuff you may not enjoy).  See what your peers are doing, see how they cast roles -- or see who got the role you auditioned for.  This keeps you in tune.

Keep up the community standards we have set.  Anyone who has come from a big market will tell you, New Mexico is so supportive and friendly.  Don't lose that.

We all work, we all have talent, and we all have aspirations to achieve bigger things.  We all want to increase those things exponentially, go get ready, 2017 is here!


For more information on Marc, please find him in WAG Artists or read his Bio at Our Team page.  Want to coach with Marc?  Check out his coaching flyer!

 Also, watch for more tips from Marc and our other coaches in our "Greenroom" coming soon.