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Exponentially Better! PART 1

Krista GanoComment

Marc Comstock is our New Mexico coach and plays a big part in our vision and growth.  He provides private coaching and guidance to actors in New Mexico as they prepare auditions, navigate the industry and to prepare to step into the union.  He can be seen in "The Scorch Trials", "The Night Shift", "Manhattan" & "Hummingbird and Crane".  Marc sits on the Board for the New Mexico SAG-AFTRA Local and is Vice President of the Board for The Vortex Theater.  He is a vital part of our community and I'm thrilled to welcome him here for the first time in a 2-part series. 

I have been in Albuquerque for just over five years.  Every year the work has increased exponentially.  To give you an example -- my first year here there was no work from the second week in November until the second week in January. 

For 2016?  The studios were dark for four days around Thanks giving, auditions were held as late as December 22 and production started up again on January 3rd.

Numbers wise, we are on pace to do HALF A BILLION DOLLARS in 2017.  The studios are booked for the entire year and four months into 2018.  There is talk of building not one, but two more studios in town.

This growth has also increased the number of agencies in town.  Five years ago?  We had 3 agencies.  Now, we have The O'Agency, Mitchell & Associates, Presley Talent, MGR and soon a new agency from Arizona.

This growth is pretty fantastic for New Mexico, the region and the industry as a whole, but what does it mean for our growth as artists?

Well, going back to five years ago, 99% of what actors were called in for were day player gigs.  Sure, there was the occasional recurring role, but it was rare.  It was also rare to have more than 3 days on a feature film.

This, too, has changed dramatically.  Recurring roles are now common.  Film roles that were only cast out of LA and NY are now being offered to local actors.  For example, Midnight Texas cast about 80% of their GUEST STARS locally, in addition to the usual day player roles.

We have gone from being "New Mexico Actors" -- the New Mexico precursor being a polite way of saying "not LA or NY actors" -- to just being "actors".

Now that the opportunity for work continues to increase exponentially, how do we also raise our own bar exponentially?  How do we ready ourselves to seize the opportunities that are coming our way?

First, we continue to do good work.  We need to be consistent, not complacent.  We also need to look at how we manage our businesses and responsibilities to the community and the productions who hire us.   In Monday's blog, I will give you tips to working in our exponentially busier, bigger and professional market.  Hope to see you back here!



For more information on Marc, please find him in WAG Artists or read his Bio at Our Team page.  Want to coach with Marc?  Check out his coaching flyer!

 Also, watch for more tips from Marc and our other coaches in our "Greenroom" coming soon.