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Big Girl, Big World

Krista Gano3 Comments

Today I welcome Jessica Anguiano as our Guest Artist.  She first took my class in the spring of 2015 and we have been working together ever since.  We started as colleagues and have grown beyond that into producing partners.  She has embraced and developed her brand with shrewd abandon and as a result, books all the time (often against the breakdown description). She has starred in commercials for City of Boulder (as Climate Change), AAA Inc., Groove Subaru, and CO Dept. of Public Health. Her most recent film, "Happy F-ing Valentine's Day" has been accepted to over 16 festivals and won numerous awards. It has been a joy to watch her share her gifts, grow her business and ultimately find her voice.

Jessica Anguiano - Big Girl, Big World.

I am a BIG GIRL. Always have been. At 11 years old I was wearing a 9 ½ shoe size. My calves are tree trunks and my bootie has been referred to as a ba-don-ka-donk. I have several chins. Also, I work full-time as a professional actress in Denver, New Mexico and soon will be pushing beyond. Not as the Fat Lady Singing, or as the unfortunate Ugly Best Friend…I think they are referred to as DUFFs now? Nope, I’m a front-running actress. A pretty good one, too. I have studied with some incredible coaches over the past couple years including one who, in a branding discussion, told me I had the strength and power of a leading lady.

But, what if you have a leading lady essence, with a walmart cashier look? You can sit around and wait for someone to write those parts. In the meantime, you can play the “rode-hard-put-away-wet” waitress serving the coffee to stars in twenty second scenes.  You can keep submitting to those casting calls that request “real” women or “athletic” sized characters, consistently stepping in rooms where no one else looks like you.  You can continuously accept parts that take your natural and beautiful curves and frump them up, covering your size with a muumuu and casting you as the “Ursula’s” of the villain world....and I do!  I work in all of those roles (and more) with cheer and gratitude.  

AND, I know I am more.

I decided to take back my sensuality, my natural beauty, fat rolls, thunder thighs and double chins to create my OWN story. I did it. I wrote myself as the female partner in a sweaty bedroom scene. I wrote myself as a mother of two, at her breaking point. Not making fun of it as a character part, but the real, raw in a dramatic network series. Because Krista Gano encouraged me to claim my strength and power as a leading lady.  And we've started to create work that not only represents an honest look at America’s “real woman”, but gives me the opportunity to star in the lead...and I never, not once, wear a muumuu.

Want to know how to book Jessica?  Find her agent contacts on our WAG Artists page, and to learn more about her, visit her website.